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3 Affordable Valentine’s Day Date Ideas Pt. 1

Since Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, I would like to share 3 affordable Valentine’s Day date ideas that can save some money and will meet your budgeting needs. These plans require very little effort and are fun as well as engaging. Whether you are in a relationship, married, or singled, you will have several options in this article that can help your Valentine’s Day be fulfilling!

1. The “Fun” Date

This will be a date that you can just bring out the inner kid in you. Ideas can include going laser tagging, go cart racing, bowling, karaoke, or even a trip to Dave & Busters. Most of these places are inexpensive depending on the time that you go and will allow you both to enjoy each others company. On this outing, you and your date can have the chance to forget about being an adult, and just simply letting your hair down for the moment.

2. The Family Date

If you prefer spending this Valentine’s Day with your family, considered making a family date where you all can either go out to places such as the movies, buffets, or a trip your local museums. Not wanting to really get the kids ready to go anywhere? Try having a movie and board game night as well as ordering a heart shaped pizza from your local Papa Johns. Another great idea for your family is to create your own DIY Valentine’s Day cards and gift options that you can find on Pinterest to share with each other.

3. The Singled Ladies Date

Not everyone is in a relationship these days and if you are singled, seeing love bird items everywhere can be quite annoying. If you have any other friends or associates that are singled as well, try inviting them over for slumber party/movie night, or go out and do some local wine tasting. Another great singled ladies date could be to search on Groupon.com for some good deals in your area for a spa treatment!


Let us know in the comments below your plans for Valentine’s Day! ☺