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3 New Mommy Tips to Save Money

Save Your Money…

In this selection, I will share with you 3 tips that will help you start to save money for supplies that you will need for your newborn. All of this tips, I have personally used and were very needed because of my tight budget. As new moms, you will basically learn how to save as you go, but it is still ways to start saving right away before your bundle of joy arrives. Here are some quick and easy tips that you can use along the way.

1. Sign up for rewards and points

Have you noticed those little stickers that are on the bags that the diapers and baby wipes come in? NEVER throw them out because those are called “rewards” and their will be a number on them that you can put in on either Pampers or Huggies websites. The can send you coupons, samples, and freebies!

2. Subscribe to formula companies

After giving birth to my son, my plan was to breastfeed, however I still signed up for the major formula companies just in case. Well, that “just in case” came very handy because I ran into some issues producing enough milk to feed my child. I was able to have some freebies sent to my home from these formula companies to hold me over until I my milk started to flow. Unfortunately, breastfeeding for me was only successful for about 3 months and then soon after, I had to switch my son over to formula. I stacked up on so many coupons as well and received them on a monthly basis.

3. Join your local Mom to Mom sales

Mom to mom sales is another resource to save money because you can either purchase, barter, or sale baby items. Every state is different so it will take a little bit of online research and phone calls, to find out the times and days the sales will be taking place. Some items have never been touched while others are still in good shape. So either look through your local yellow pages or do a google search.


I hope these tips are helpful for the new mommies and there will be more to follow! Good luck!