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32 Thrift Store Tips w/Video

Thrift Store Tips for a Shopping Extravaganza…

Slightly worn or used clothes and vintage frocks are all the rage for fashionistas who like saving a buck, that’s why these thrift store tips are very beneficial. Do not get overwhelmed by this list because most of the tips are pretty easy and expected; like wearing comfortable shoes or bringing a purse/bag that you don’t have to hold the entire time. For the most part, the creator of this video gives advice that would help practically any shopper who plans to get the best deals without a ton of work.

Obviously, when you get to the store your wallet may be full, but you won’t need all of that money because you’re Ballin’ on a Budget. You’ll walk away with some amazing items on your shopping excursion & your bank account will thank you. Open up your mind to some ideas that will really make your life easier, read over these tips, watch the video for more details and prepare to be a thrift store expert. Happy shopping!

Thrift Store Tips:

  1. Empty your car
  2. Bring a blanket
  3. Quick change outfit
  4. Slip-off shoes
  5. Hands free bag or purse
  6. Makeshift dressing room
  7. Dressing room rejects
  8. Carry around your “maybe(s)”
  9. Even when sold, don’t leave it long
  10. Play it cool
  11. Start with furniture and glassware (be very careful buying furniture at a thrift store, this is the easiest way to transfer insects)
  12. Study lines & shapes
  13. Assess your investment (this tip was not numbered in the video, but I think it is super important for any shopping trip)
  14. Search off season
  15. Thrift shop while out of town
  16. Check for sales
  17. Be nice
  18. Google labels
  19. Make sure your phone’s charged
  20. Hone your eye
  21. Play  the numbers Game
  22. Watch for new merchandise
  23. If it smells bad, skip it
  24. Show discretion
  25. Jewelry case
  26. Style Doppelganger
  27. Good rugs and perfect white t-shirts are rare
  28. Baby wipes or hand sanitizer
  29. Measuring tape
  30. Gold is where you find it
  31. Mums the word
  32. Have fun

A big thanks to Mary Elizabeth for this very informative video, with great thrift store tips for our next shopping trip.