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7 Money Saver Hacks (Video)

Hacks That Are Money Savers!..

If you are trying find ways to save money around your home, this attached video below will show you 7 different hacks that will help you cut down costs on your monthly bills. Hacks, are designed to make our lives easier and assist us in our financial woes. Furthermore, lets talk about the helpful hacks that were apart of the content of this video.

Freeze your food

All you need is Ziploc freezer storage bags, a sink full of water, and whatever choice of meat, veggies, or any other food that you wish to freeze. This hack is to prevent you from going out and purchasing a vacuum sealer that could cost a lot of money.

Battery cheat

As discussed in the video, when your tv remote battery dies and you can only find one new battery, look for a screw that is the same size of the battery and put it in the battery compartment. The screw will pick up the same circuit and your remote will be back up and running!

Save on the water bill

All you will need for this hack, is a 1 litter bottle of water. Just remove the toilet lid and place the water bottle in the corner of the tank. This over time, this will not only save you money on the following water bills, but also gallons of water being flushed daily.

Split the Wi-Fi bill

This hack is not necessary if you do not feel comfortable sharing a bill with someone else. This option is for those who would consider talking to their neighbors about splitting the Wi-Fi bill where they can pay the bill one month and the neighbor can pay the next month. If you chose to try this method, you will both be saving on the internet costs as long as the bill is alternating back and forth.

Make your own fabric refresher

For this creation, all you will need is a spray bottle, your choice of fabric softener, baking soda, and water. Shake all these ingredients up, and there you go; fresh smelling clothes. This is way cheaper than buying Febreze!

Invent your own Eco friendly household cleaner

I found this hack to be helpful and eco friendly because you are able to make your own household cleaner by using items that may already be in your home. You only need a spray bottle, baking soda, water, dish soap, and white distilled vinegar.

Purchase LED light bulbs to lower your light bill

This last tip, is an energy saver that will have lasting results once you make the switch from regular light bulbs to LED bulbs. LED bulbs was explained in the video, to last about 50 more times than average bulb. They do cost more, but the over all out come will save you money on your future light bills.


Let us know the hacks you use to save money in your household in the comments below!