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How to: Plan a Baby Shower on a Budget…

Planning an eventful baby shower can be fun to do, but it can also be very expensive if one doesn’t know how to spend their money properly. Many people often plan an extravagant shower and tend to over spend, instead of setting a budget limit.

In this article, I want to discuss five ways to save money when you’re trying to plan a baby shower. Some of these tips are what I used and how I was able to stay within my budget. If I can save someone the mistake of finding out in the end you spent way to much; I will certainly do my best to pass on some vital info!

Write Down How Much You’re Willing to Spend

The first thing before actually planning out the event, is to have a budget limit. My budget was going to be around $300-$400. This money, would cover all of my expenses that included food, entertainment, decorations, food, and prizes. I researched as much as I could on several DIY’s so that I could have someone who I knew that was crafty to help me out with the décor. After finding out who was great at crafts, I needed to determine who was going to prepare the food. I realized in the beginning, that I would not have a caterer, however, one of my best friends could cook in bulk. My other friend was good at doing balloon decorations and she also baked cakes. I saved quite a bit of money, just by knowing people who I already had in my circle.

You’d be surprised at what friends or family can do for you. When it comes down to events such as a baby shower, be sure to ask around. As for the spending money part, there are so many ways to save it, but you first need to know where is it all going and how much you are going to spend. Just like you’re planning out the actual baby shower, remember to plan out your budget!

Baby Shower Theme

Whether your having a boy, girl, or if you want to keep it a secret until birth; always choose a theme! Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box as well! Since I was having a boy, I refused to have a traditional baby blue theme so I opted for something that was a little different. For my baby shower, I had a red and black Michael Jordan theme. My fiancé and I both share the love for the color red, but we also like Michael Jordan too. Everything from the decorations to the invitations were all red and black with pops of white here and there. Also, we had a homemade centerpiece that was a basketball that didn’t cost much to make at all. I just went on YouTube to find out how to make it and everyone seemed to really like it.

If you’re uncertain about what you want your theme to be, start off by looking at Pinterest. There are several baby shower ideas that you can gain from and incorporate your own design in it! I do want to disclose, this one last time; by all means, be sure to stay within your price limit!

Finding A Venue

If you have a home or know someone who has a nice home that wouldn’t mind you having the shower there, please select this option first. This is by far a definite money saver! If in fact this choice doesn’t work for you, there are plenty of places you can throw a shower at a low cost. Apartment clubhouses, churches, community centers/recreational centers, and local parks are all places to start inquiring about the costs and fees. Call around and find out the best price that will suit your budget so you can lock in that specific day as well as time. Don’t forget to ask about last minute cancellations fees!

Be sure to follow up week and days in advance, to make sure your spot is still reserved. The last thing you want is to have put money down, and your venue was taken.

Menu Planning

If you plan on making the food yourself and having family/friends pitch in; create a shopping list. Find some recipes that you and your guests will enjoy. Make sure that the food that your going to serve, is going to be enough! I made the mistake of having too much food leftover that I had to end up telling everyone to take a plate home. Although I stayed within my budget on how much food I had, it was still too much in the end. My excuse was I didn’t want to run out of food, however, I ended up having leftovers for days.

I also want to point out before we move on, that investing in a Sam’s Club or Costco card is a great idea for a baby shower. Buying a few items in bulk is a genius move and probably one of the best ones by far. Not only will it work when you buy your food and drinks, it’s great to have before and after the baby arrives. You can stack up on diapers, formula, and food for the baby, by purchasing these items in bulk.

DIY Decorations and Invitations

As for the decorations and invitations, this might take a little DIY effort. As I stated above, I knew someone who was really good at balloon décor. I got lucky with that part, but if in fact you don’t know anyone; there are still options that can still fit in with your budget. Party supply stores take reservations ahead of time and could probably offer you a good deal. For my invitations/thank you cards, I simply went on Microsoft word and made them myself. I just bought some nice paper at an office supply store and printed off both right at home. People thought they were professionally done, but I did it myself with the help of some friends of mine.

When it came down to the other decorations for the tables and banners, I was able to get some items for local dollar stores and Amazon. I also bought prizes for winners of the baby shower games from the dollar stores and Big Lots. I set out a strict budget of $50 for prizes and I stayed to it!


Feel free to leave us a comment and share with us other ways you might have used to save money for a baby shower! We would love the feedback!