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Basketball Wives Vlog Season 6 Episode 1

Evelyn’s Return to Basketball Wives…

Evelyn is officially back on VH1’s hit reality show Basketball Wives. This time around, might be a bit different. We learn Tami isn’t thrilled about Evelyn moving to LA by making viewers aware she certainly is having some issues with her return. They settled their differences before, but it seems Tami is really having a hard time letting something that Evelyn did in the past go. Will everything come to blows when they finally see each other face to face? They both are known to have a temper and Evelyn is infamous to throw a bottle at someone’s head!

In this season, it looks like we’re introduced to a few new women joining the group of wives, however the question that lingers; are they actual wives? I guess we’ll find out as we get to know each them and their stories related to basketball.

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