Basketball Wives Season 6 Episode 11 Jackie brings Evelyn to tears
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Basketball Wives Season 6 Episode 11

Episode 11 is Filled With Insanity….

Basketball Wives never disappoints when it comes to drama. Jackie Christie continues to bring the heat in her feud with Evelyn Lozada and it’s entertaining. Although, episode 11 had many moments of verbal aggression, it also had its fair share of tears. First, Evelyn was emotionally distraught about Jackie calling her the ‘B’ word in front of her daughter Shanice. Then, Evelyn held back tears when Jackie proclaimed her daughter was a “build a whore”. Even viewers could cut the tension with a knife.

Also, Bonnie-Jill and Tami continue to stir-the-pot by repeating conversations unnecessarily. The ladies are none the wiser, but viewers have complained profusely. Bonnie-Jill, especially, has become a source of contention. The newbie seems to take pleasure in playing all-sides. Overall, she is not a fan favorite and hopefully, she doesn’t keep up the act. Otherwise, she will continue to find herself on the wrong side of this good show.

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