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Basketball Wives Season 6 Episode 6

Episode 6 Was a Problem…

The women of Basketball Wives LA can’t seem to get along, especially in episode 6. The drama seems never-ending. Maybe this isn’t just a reality TV show. Maybe chaos is their new normal, while bad blood seems to be overflowing. Evelyn makes Cristen cry, Tami walks out at the sight of Brandi, Malaysia wants to bring peace and Jackie always finds a way to put herself in the middle. When will it end? Truthfully, we don’t want it to end. As a matter of fact, the season is just getting warmed up and the girls haven’t even made Shaunie lose her mind yet. Who would’ve thunk?

Needless to say, it would be wise to find a comfy seat because this episode was doozy and our point of view is too. Who’s ready?

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