Chris Rock Pokes Fun at the Oscars

The “White BET Awards”, says Chris Rock!

Chris Rock has to be aware that the Oscar’s are known for their lack of diversity in nominations and award wins; it is nothing new and probably wont change anytime soon. This nonsense has individuals taking to social media and posting about their anger; hence why the hashtag #OscarsSoWhite, is back in full effect. People get frustrated because they would like to see the Oscars be a bit more accepting of all actors/actresses, regardless of race. Jada Pinkett-Smith has even suggested that a boycott should happen, as she seems deeply disappointed by this decision from America’s least accepting award show.

However, others are able to laugh at this disgusting trend in the Academy Awards’ history and one of those people happens to be comedienne Chris Rock. Rock, will host this years “White BET awards” and presumably crack jokes at their expense. I personally will not spend my time watching such an exclusionary show, but I will check out Chris Rock’s highlights after it has aired. I am sure he will be hilariously ripping all the spoiled celebrities a new one and hopefully, he will get in a couple of jabs at the Oscars themselves. Check out Rock’s recent tweet below.