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Who’s your pastor at Church’s Chicken? (video)

Church’s Chicken Prank Call…

If you need a really good laugh today, I can promise you will get a good one after seeing this hilarious video attached below and you will never look at Church’s Chicken the same! Rickey Smiley has such a sense of humor when it comes down to his infamous prank phone calls. In the first clip, you will hear a conversation that Smiley aka “Bernice Jenkins” has with a Church’s Chicken employee asking who the pastor was and what time church service will start. Now, if I was the employee, I wouldn’t be able to keep a straight face at all, but in his case, he was very professional and kept his composer!

The next clip, is Smiley imitating a man name “Willie” asking another Church’s Chicken employee if there was a way that they could deliver his food to him at home. After he found out the different sides and specials they had, he then changed his request instead of having his food delivered to him, he demanded it to be “dropped off.” He stated he had “bad knees” and wanted to give the employee his beeper number just in case. Good thing the employee got off the phone right away because I’m positive Willie would have wanted the person to feed him too!

So sit back and enjoy this laugh and be sure to share it with others! LOL!