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Cute Plus Size Summer Attire

Inspired Plus Size Summer Attire…

If you happen to wear plus size fashion, but need some summer inspiration, look no further! Personal style blogger Kim, will be showing you how to rock the latest plus size looks with class! According to her website, she has style tips that were featured on popular websites like and On YouTube, she is known as Naturally Fashionable and has no shame showing off her curves in her style lookbooks!

She offers words of encouragement to her viewers, telling them to ‘always be confident in the clothes you choose to wear. It doesn’t matter what size you are, but your attitude and the way you carry yourself does. No need to feel ashamed of being a plus size diva, because they’re plenty of websites that offer fabulous clothing lines that can fit your physique. It only takes a bit of googling and getting on YouTube to find trends to add to your collection’.

I’m Plus Size and I Know it

I’m currently a size 14 and it’s very hard for me to find pants that fit comfortably. Since I’m only 5’1″, I seem to have the worst time in the pants department. Obviously, some pants are longer than others, so mine can drag at the bottom. If I buy petite pants, it’s like the designer thinks my waist is petite as well. This leaves me purchasing taller pants and trying to tailor the waistline! Another thing I’ve noticed about myself is that I hardly ever wear skirts. I told myself that I need to incorporate new attire into my wardrobe and skirts are something I’m desperately in need of.

As a subscriber of Kim aka Naturally Fashionable on YouTube, I’m inspired by her style. She has given me the courage to go out and get really cute skirts that are perfect for a plus sized woman. I know there are plenty of ladies who would like the latest info on plus size fashion, so I shared one of her videos in this article for all those interested.

Moreover, if you’re trying to find some really cute trendy looks for the rest of the Summer, check out the footage below and let us know what you think in the comment section!