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Big Design Ideas For A Small Home

A small home is not a problem; you just need to know how to maximize the space. However, if you don’t know how then we have the perfect DIY video for you and it breaks down most aspects, so you can understand exactly what to do. This is perfect for you and your family, give it a whirl and let us know how it worked for you.

Visit the creator of this list for more tips and apply them to your small space:

1. Keep a close eye on your furniture layout, making sure to get items that are too big for the space and take up all the room. Strive for symmetry.
2. Contrast the area with an accent wall to give a focal point.
3. Creative cord storage is great for keeping things organized, as well as not taking away from the aesthetics.
4. If you are a hands on person it may be a great idea to go ahead and make your furniture, which will save money and give something unique no one else will be able to find.
5. DIY picture frames also cut costs.
6. Get storage bins for putting away clothes and shoes in case you don’t have a lot of room for dressers. If a large enough one does not come with your home, you can buy a portable closet and save money on trying to expand the original closet.
7. Towel and Jewelry holder– use an inexpensive basket, turn it to the side, attach it to a wall and you have a towel case. DIY your own design and you can also have a jewelry holder. However, you can purchase a jewelry holder as well.
8. If you’re lady with a lot of hair products or a guy with hair clippers and shaving creams, you can make your own hot tool holder.
9. For small kitchens, feel free to buy a rolling cart island. They are great because in a smaller space you can roll them out of your way and they also make for great storage.
10. Take off cabinet doors, it will give the appearance of a china cabinet and you won’t have the door in your way every time you need to get something.

Check out the video on maximizing small spaces below, surely you can find something helpful: