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DIY Cute and Trendy Mirrored Nightstands

Nightstands Makeover…

I am in the process of moving in a few months, and I am in desperate need of new furniture. I’ve been glued to YouTube trying to find do it your self projects to revamp plain furniture that I will be purchasing from IKEA®. After discovering this video below, I had to share it because it is so cute and trendy! April Bee made this DIY look so easy and trust me when I say; I’m not much of a crafty person these days! However, as I am getting “younger”, I really would like to get back to being creative, but this time around I would like to be more frugal.

April Bee purchased the nightstands in the video from IKEA® and after looking it up, it is not bad for the price of $34.99. Since I’m starting all the way over with no furniture at all, I felt this price was within my budget and it will give me a chance to design a nightstand the way I want to! So if are like me, and are trying to find a way to renovate your nightstands or any other furniture that you may have; it will only take a couple of items! Also, be sure to check out to see the many different door knobs that are available at great prices!

Items needed

Check out this step by step video to see how to assemble the mirrored nightstands. Good luck!