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DIY Makeup Brush Holders (Video)

Brush Holders, Makeover!..

I’m trying this whole declutter and organizing my home program, where my everyday uses are right in front of me, while the other things are tucked away just as neat. After getting everything better organized, I saw that my make up collection looked kind of boring. I decided to find some quick DIY videos, that can inspire me to make my plain glass holders I have my makeup brushes in more glamourized.

I have a huge collection of makeup brushes and storing them use to be hard. I can admit, before turning to YouTube, I use to have my brushes all over my bathroom counter. That was when I didn’t have to share my space with someone else and I really was educated on the proper way to treat my brushes. According to beauty guru Michelle Phan, when you store your makeup brushes in an upright position, you are maintaining its shape.

LaurDIY demonstrated in this attached video that this creative project will most likely cost you around $10! Most of the items you will be able to find at your local Dollar Tree, Michaels, and Amazon. Hope you enjoy!

Items that are needed

  • Glue Gun
  • Letter Stickers
  • Glass Jars
  • Twine
  • Pearl Beads/Marbles
  • Candle Stick Holder (optional)
  • Of course your makeup brushes!

All you have to do is be creative! Add a splash of glitter and there you have it! Your very own version of a makeup brush holder.