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DIY Red Bottom Pumps (video)

Make your own red bottom pumps…

Christian Louboutin, is a well known for creating the notorious “red bottom” pumps that most females across the world love to talk about. Although, the many different shoes that Christian offers are absolutely beautiful, it is also very costly. The famous “Bianca” is a regular black leather pump with the average cost of $875.00. This particular heel, is great for a day or night look, however, it is very expensive for those who live on a budget.

Not everyone is in a position where they can afford a pair of heels that maybe costs as much as their monthly bills. It is very important to allow your necessities to come first such as rent/mortgage, utilities, car payments, insurance, groceries, and so on, however; you are still able to be stylish at a reasonable cost. You just need to know that their are ways you can make your own replica of your favorite designer’s work by simply using items you may already have in your home.

This attached video is presented by Jenns Philosphy, and she will show us a step by step method for us to be able to create our own red bottoms inexpensively. The materials needed to create this look, will definitely cost less than $800.00 and will not look cheap!

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Things you will need:

  • A pair of your favorite plain black or nude pumps
  • Paper towel, gloves, old shoe box, and garbage bag.
  • Tape
  • Red spray paint

Quick Tips:

  1. Be sure to work in area that has good ventilation or even make use of the outdoors.
  2. Use a good grade of masking tape so that the residue is not left behind on the pump.
  3. Purchase a good spray paint that has acrylic gloss added in it.
  4. You can use any colored pump that you prefer!