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DIY Valentine’s Day Treats and Gifts (video)

If you are limited on funds and still do not know what to get your Valentine, this quick DIY video may help you figure out that perfect gift. I think it is so sweet for someone to hand make a gift because it shows their creative side and the fact that they were thinking about you when making it. Not that buying a gift isn’t nice, however, why not be a little crafty and create something of your own?

This attached video will show you how to make homemade chocolate covered strawberries, EOS Valentine’s Day cards, and a compliment jar. All of these gifts are fairly simple to make and depending on which idea you pick; you will not be spending that much money!

Items needed for the chocolate covered strawberries:

  • 3 small bowls
  • Pink food coloring
  • Regular chocolate and white chocolate
  • Parchment (wax) paper and a 3 small Ziploc bags
  • Fresh strawberries
  • Sprinkles (optional)
  • Serving plate

Bonus Tip: Use the small Ziploc bag and place the left over frosting in each bag. You want to cut a small piece off of the bottom corner to allow the frosting to squeeze out. This will be used for decorating the strawberries as you will see in the video.

Items needed for the EOS Valentine’s Day cards:

Bonus Tip: This would be a perfect gift for any of your friends that may happen to be singled!

Items needed for the compliment jar:

  • Your choice of colored construction paper
  • Scissors and sharpie pen
  • Glass jar
  • Pink paint and paint brush

Bonus Tip: You can use a small paint brush if you have a hard time rolling up the paper as seen in the video.

Valentine's day


Let us know in the comments below what you might be making for your Valentine! We would love to know!