Baby and Dog
Comic Relief

Baby and Dog Tattling on Each Other (Video)

Baby vs. Dog…

In this attached video, you will witness a cute conversation that escalates into a little bit of a tattling episode between an adorable husky and a baby. Huskies are known to be quite talkative; just like kids. As you will notice, the baby and the husky both want to make their points very clear. By the end of the video, both baby and husky came to a mutual agreement that they will need to just work on their communication skills, but you can be the judge of that!

I can remember coming across this video back when I was working in an office environment and I had so much fun sharing it with my co-workers. We were all having a pretty hectic day and the look on everyone’s face told it all; we were stressed. The only thing that helped break up all that tension that particular day, was this video. We all needed that laugh to help ease some of the frustration we had experienced.

So if perhaps you’re in need of a good laugh, enjoy this quick video just under 3 minutes and please share among your friends!