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Inexpensive Prom Makeup Look

Prom makeup look using drugstore products…

Prom season coming up quickly and Writers’ Vlogs would like to wish you all who will be attending prom, to have a safe and fun time! We want to start a series of different makeup, hair, dresses, and accessories looks for those who might need some ideas for prom.

I can remember going to prom and I had such a ball! My hair and makeup was done by family and friends and my dress was handmade by a friend of the family. I was able to save some money that way, because trust and believe me; prom itself was so costly! I wasn’t making a lot of cash back in those times and I didn’t want to be much of a burden on my parents at that time. They helped me out with purchasing my ticket and pictures, however everything else was up to me.

Since I had a family member that did my makeup, all I had to do was buy a few items to pull of an extravagant look and it was done by all drugstore makeup. In this makeup tutorial down below, Mayra Touch of Glam will show you how you can pull of a simple makeup look by using drugstore products.

The key to having the perfect prom makeup, is to keep it simple. You can add a splash of glitter on the eye’s; but be sure to make it as natural as possible. Keep in mind that your dress and accessories are the eye catchers so having too much going on the face might throw off the whole look.

Prom Makeup

Products that you need from this makeup tutorial are: