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Learning the Early Signs of Autism

Finding Out the Early Signs of Autism…

Although autism awareness was in the month of April, I wanted to go ahead share and continue to put out awareness regarding ASD all year round. Being a mother to a toddler who  early, I desire to spread the knowledge and research I’ve gained thus far. While I’m still in the learning process of the spectrum, I’m willing to make others aware too. After all, you or someone you may know might have a child who is possibly showing signs of having autism. These signs must NOT be ignored.

It is very important to make note of the child’s behavior and any symptoms of speech delays. In the video featured below, I discuss some early indications of autism. I must disclose I am not professional. Instead, I’m just a regular stay-at-home mom who witnessed my son’s behavior. I immediately started documenting what I saw day-to-day and prepared my mind for what would come next.

Learning the early signs can be a bit tricky, but they’re not hard to tell once you do some research. At first, my child didn’t show many of the symptoms of autism, however they did come right before his diagnosis. I explain what I did and things you can educate yourself on about ASD.

Examples of major signs that must be documented and taken to a specialist:

Not using gestures (reaching for something, waving, pointing, etc…)
No eye contact
No smiles or imitating facial expressions
Doesn’t show interest in playing with toys or people (especially other children)
Doesn’t say singled words by 16 months
Can communicate, but doesn’t understand what they’re saying
Complete loss of speech
Flapping of hands, snapping fingers, and clapping
Screaming or screeching
Doing unusual things: showing signs of OCD or doing repetitive things throughout the day
Shows sensitivity to sounds, light, and textures (this can include food as well)

Early Signs

Following the early signs of autism this video, there will be other upcoming footage of step-by-step actions to get the child properly diagnosed. After being diagnosed, there’s also the subject of getting the right care for the child. This series is just beginning so stay tuned there is a lot to be covered!

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