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Basketball Wives Vlog Season 6 Episode 3

Evelyn and Jackie vs. Tami…

Jackie clearly is struggling in the friendship department this episode. She seems conflicted when she meets up with Evelyn to discuss her comment made about her grandson. When Evelyn defends herself once again, Tami appears to be the person who is stirring a pot of drama. While it looks as if Evelyn and Jackie are finally on good terms, her loyalty to Tami is now in question. Tami made it clear in the last episode she wants nothing to do with both Evelyn and Jackie. The question is, will Tami and Jackie repair their friendship? Is Jackie’s new bff Evelyn?

Speaking of Evelyn, we’re presented with the news on how she is trying to have another baby sometime soon. In a moment of cuteness, she asks Shaunie for help with her next IVF at home treatment. Shaunie was rather reluctant at first, but eventually administered the shot. It was quite funny to see Shaunie get a little squeamish, yet she gave in to help her friend out.

This episode is unquestionably full of ups and downs, but also how friendship as well as trustworthiness is most important to the women on Basketball Wives.

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