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Finding the Best Wigs/Weaves Online

Online Wig and Weave Wholesalers…

Some people wear wigs in a transitional period, when they would like to take a break on their hair in between sew-ins. Others however, feel like wearing wigs when they simply do not know what to do with their real hair and just need a simple hairstyle to slay through the day. Whatever the case, there are plenty of online suppliers, that offer great deals on wigs and weaves to save you money. Since we are in the internet era, where you are able to purchase shoes, clothing, and even food; why not include hair too?!

Online Shopping
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We understand, that searching all over the internet for the perfect hair, can be time consuming, so I have broken down 3 popular websites that may help start you off with finding the best wig or weave for you. Keep in mind, I will present 3 online wholesalers, and overtime Writers’ Vlogs will be adding many more websites to save you some money ?!


Online Wig Wholesale Stores


  • This company not only just specializes in just hair, they have some very cute trendy clothes for women, men and children. Adding to the collection of clothing and hair, they also have many other catagories make up, shoes, handbags, jewelry, electronics, home and garden, as well as many other items that may be of some interest to you.


  • This company, has been in business for 12 years! Many YouTube hair guru’s do frequent reviews Fridaynighthair.com’s wigs all the time. Ms MuffinsIsMyLovers , is my all time favorite hair guru on YouTube. She offers honest reviews on several wig companies, does quick tips on applying the wig by actually demonstrating, as well as, creating presentable hairstyles that others wouldn’t even recognized that you are wearing a wig. I have been a loyal subscriber of hers, and heard about this company through her.

Premier Lacewigs

  • This company is best known for their celebrity style wigs, occasional bundle specials, and of course lace wigs. Depending on how much you are willing to spend, they are currently offering a new Year’s special, that will take 20% on all lace wigs off of your purchase! Hurry though, that is a limited offer.

I hope these 3 wholesale wig companies will help you out, save money, and add to your hair collection! If you would like more information on how to find the best online wig store, please comment below ☺.

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