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Finding Your Style: 10 Tips (video)

Finding the Style That Fits Your Personality…

Finding your style can seem like a difficult task, but it doesn’t have to be. Being fabulous is all about how you feel and your fashion sense is determined by what suits your needs on a daily basis. Give yourself the freedom to experiment with new and interesting looks, so that you feel comfortable expanding what you already know about your personal style.

As far as Women’s style, a woman may struggle to find new and exciting looks that make sense for her. We have linked to some great jumpsuits that can be accessorized in many different ways and have great versatility.

With Men’s Style, there is nothing more attractive than an man in a suit, that is why we have linked to what we find to be great looks for men around the world.

  1. Style is personal- let it be an expression of who you are
  2. Fashion is what you buy, but style is how you wear it
  3. Experiment with your style and then document it
  4. Have confidence in your style
  5. Create style mood boards
  6. Photograph street style
  7. Organize your wardrobe (de-clutter, organize in categories & make lists of new things you want to try)
  8. Make detailed shopping lists
  9. Don’t be afraid to thrift store shop or find vintage pieces
  10. Have FUN with your style

We are so happy about finding these helpful tips on Shirley B. Enlang‘s YouTube page. If you would like to see more from her, then feel free to check out the link above and allow Shirley to give you even more info about style, fashion and everything in between. Enjoy!

Check out the video below for a break down of all 10 tips.