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Freckle Friendly Makeup Look (Video)

Freckle Friendly Makeup Tutorial…

If you’re struggling to find ways to pull off a makeup look and still be able to show your freckles, this freckle friendly makeup tutorial below by Summer Kellsey via YouTube may come in hand!

Some people, are really ashamed of their freckles, while other learned how to embrace them. I don’t have freckles, but I’ve got several family members including my mother who has them. I can remember getting a little jealous when I was younger because I wanted freckles just like a few of my cousins who I often played with growing up. I was amazed with freckles and I would think of them as stars perfectly placed on others faces. I still to this day, love seeing people who have freckles because I feel that it not only makes them unique, but beautiful and ageless.

I know she might have something to say about this, but my mother is 70 years old and doesn’t look a day older than 40! Though her bones says something totally different, her skin is still intact and her freckles are always shining (just like the stars). She can constantly pull of a nice dewy finished makeup look without putting much effort in her routine.

The same thing applies to anyone with freckles. Once you get a makeup routine that works best for you and your skin, the sky is the limit! You just have to play around with different foundations that won’t make your skin look to “made up”. Instead experiment with various makeup techniques that makes your skin glow so you can still let your freckles shine! If you need a little confidence boost to help you better understand that freckles are awesome, check out these links:

Here is a list of products that were mentioned in the video, however, keep in mind that Summer’s foundation color might be different from yours. If in fact it is, I’ve provided a few links that will show different shades of colors to possibly choose from. Good luck!