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Full Coverage Makeup Look for Brown Skin (Video)

Full Coverage for Browner Skin…

If you are looking for ways to hide your dark marks on your face and have no clue how to do it, this video is perfect for those who needs full coverage make up to cover up blemishes, scars, and dark circles on browner skin tones. Everyone’s application for concealing imperfections is different so it is all about finding what will work best for your skin type.

In the video below, Nene Tanae went for a more natural make up look by balancing out her skin tone by using various foundations and concealer that works well on her skin. Since everyone’s skin is not perfect, one must know the several ways to cover up flaws. When it comes down to finding the best foundations, it will honestly depend on what works best for your skin. There will be a trials and errors with that, but don’t give up; your perfect foundation is out there waiting on you!

In order for you to start the process of a full coverage application, you must first prep your skin first with a really good primer and moisturizer. You can find both and depending on your budget they can be found in your local drugstores, Macy’s, Target, Sephora, and Amazon.

So if you are interested in finding some great products to cover up some imperfections, check out this video for a great detailed demonstration. Enjoy!