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Funny Ellen DeGeneres Moments

Ellen at Her Funniest…

I absolutely love Ellen DeGeneres! She is entertaining, giving, and most of all; funny! From time to time, I watch her talk show and cannot help but laugh, because she is so silly to me. My son who is two, actually loves her. Though he only hears her voice as “Dory” on Finding Nemo, he enjoys every bit of it. His laugh is amusing, as he cannot get enough of Dory. We are excited to know that Finding Dory is finally theaters. I know that he will more than likely be very much entertained by it!

I on the other hand, get a kick out of Ellen’s nonchalant attitude along with the way she engages in a conversation with others. Her personality is positive with a twist of humor. In the video below, you will get a glimpse of her funniest moments that were on her tv show.

Ellen Degeneres 2

If you happen to be a fan of hers like myself, then you know that Ellen doesn’t exactly have much rhythm in the dancing department. I’m pretty sure that she is aware of that, however she makes certain to allow others to have the pleasure in a good laugh.

So lets check out part one of her funny times on television. Enjoy!