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Funny Talking Dogs and Cats (Video)

Talking Dogs and Cats!…

If you are in need of a good laugh today, I’m sure that this funny attached video of dogs and cats talking, may help give you the giggles especially for the animal lovers! These dogs and cats caught on camera were actually talking back to their owners! Since, it is very rare to have a dog or cat that can talk say, “Momma”, “I love you too”, and “hello”, I wanted to share this because I definitely love animals.

I got my first and only dog when I was in middle school. Lady, was a black lab mix and pretty much made my day every time I walked in the door from school. I had her for nearly 16 years and was truly devastated when she passed. She actually made my pre-teen and teenage years that much better because I had something to talk to other than a human.

Sometimes, I would practice making her talk, however it did work out that well! I would only get a bark or a yelp back! Lady was the only pet that I was close to, other than a few fish and rabbits here and there. I’ve been think about getting another dog soon for my son to have something other than us to play with. I’m hoping that whatever dog that we do get, will be able to talk because it so cool and I wouldn’t mind a few minutes of fame!

So if you love dogs and other animals as much as me, sit back and enjoy this quick YouTube video that is just under 4 minutes!

  • Cynthia

    That was cute.

    • politics with style

      thank you so much