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Funny video: Linda Listen

Linda Listen, I tell you everything lol

This video of 3-year-old Mateo (Linda listen), arguing with his mother Linda, for his right to eat cupcakes, has become a viral sensation. With over 40 million views, the hilarious little boy has captured hearts around the country. Some critics feel the boy was being disrespectful, but it seems he’s just finding his voice. Funny thing is, he may not even deserve the cupcakes he’s begging for, but he inevitably makes his case.

Without a doubt, Mateo is cute. The boy is a charmer, but he is also looking to get what he wants, while ignoring his mother. The young man understands how to manipulate.

“Linda listen”, resonates with parents around the world. Many parents are tired of their children coming up with crazy excuses to get what they desire, but not deserving it. The great thing about this video is, young Mateo has no idea about any of that.

Sometimes, the child, (Mateo) is just telling you what they want with no regard for anyone’s opinion. And little Mateo made the world love him by doing just that. Mateo is living proof that if you are cute or funny enough, you can get away with a lot of things.

Watch below to see Mateo be his rambunctious self:

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    Lol. I needed that laugh