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Funny Ways Girls Walk in Heels (Video)

Heels Are Not A Clumsy Girl’s Bestfriend!

I recently posted an article, where one can bling out their heels, however, I forgot to explain in that selection how truly clumsy I can be when I wear my pumps. I don’t know what it is, but it seems like when I wear heels, my feet refuse to cooperate properly! I can instantly trip over air and land flat on my backside and after years of doing this, I’ve learned to fall gracefully!

The video attached below, LaToya Forever will have you rolling at the various ways a girl can walk in some pumps. Trust me when I say, she was truly on point with how some of this ladies stroll around in their high heels. For example, have you ever seen a girl trying to grab attention from others by putting an extra bounce in their step as if the early 90’s techno music is playing in the background?!heels

Now as she went on with her video, LaToya did point out what kind of heel walker I am! I’m called, “it’s time to take these shoes off heel walker” and I have no shame in saying it! My feet and heels sometimes don’t get along at times, which makes me have to carry around my ol’ faithful’s (flat shoes) in my purse. Though I have a cute collection, none of my heels are comfortable and I plan on researching better ways for me to get out of my love/hate relationship with my shoes!

Without going into anymore explaining about this video, check it out and let us know in the comments below what type of “heel walker” you are!