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Givenchy Spring and Summer Collection

Givenchy Summer and Spring 2016 Collection…

Givenchy is bringing us silky and smooth for their 2016 spring and summer collection this year! At New York’s Fashion week spring runway, Givenchy mixed a modern version of the ancient Chinese fabric, and brought a twist to make the look even more fashionable and fierce. This collection you will see below will let you have a look at the silk trend that is coming up this spring. Now this particular selection of clothes is not only sexy and bold, there is a hint of classy and chic as well!

According to Marie Clair magazine, you can expect to see lots of silk, ruffles, plaid, strips, and sequins on the shelves in spring. These upcoming trends will allow you to enjoy the 70’s and early 90’s era all over again. So if you’re a fan of fringe and the colorful 90’s outfits; I’m sure will enjoy this year’s upcoming fashion statements.

Check out this glamorous runway look and let us know in the comments below your favorite fashion era!