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How to Terrorize a Telemarketer (video)

Hello, can you hear me….

Have you ever had telemarketer call you in the midst of you doing something important? I know this all to well because I always seem to get telemarketer calls at the worst times of day. Even though my phone number is registered on the National Do Not Call List, they still make the attempt to call! Most of the time, it is scams that want to gather all of my personal information to trick me into thinking that I either won money, got a free cruise, my warranty on my 5 cars that I don’t own expired, and trust me, they’re plenty more! Of course, I never feed into the madness, however I do enjoy having a little fun with the telemarketer that happened to call; but that is only if I’m in the mood.

In this video below, famous comedian Jim Florentine will show you how to handle these telemarketers in a funny way by using his sarcastic humor. I took some good notes from this and many other videos that he has all over YouTube, so I am able to have some fun with these telemarketers that called to disturb me! I hope you enjoy this video and have a good laugh at this today!