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I have OCD, Cover Your Mouth!

Yes, I’m a Germophobe

One of my biggest pet peeves, is when someone coughs, and doesn’t cover their mouth! I was taught long ago as a child, to cover my mouth when I cough using the inside of my arm. Since, we touch a lot of things throughout the day, I tend to use the inside of my arm to cough or sneeze more so than my hand. I always carry hand sanitizer in my purse as well as disinfected wipes. When I witness someone coughing without covering their mouth, I say something and can careless if I know you or not. People sometimes look at me funny but, it stresses me out and I have an instant reaction towards it. For example, when someone sneezes, do you say bless you? Well for me, if someone coughs, and they do not cover their mouth, my OCD kicks in and I say, “Cover your mouth“!

Last year, I suffered a really bad upper respiratory infection where I had to require medical treatment. Every time I took a breath in, I felt so much pain in my rip cage. I remember exactly how I caught that demon of a cold too! A co-worker, came into work sick. Just like many across the world, where one has to depend on money to get by, this co-worker came in to get her pay for the day, and struggled through her shift coughing. We all at the job, had to share 1 fax machine, and I actually witness this individual cough all over the machine. I pulled her aside privately and told her that it was disgusting to do so, and that she could possibly get our other colleagues sick.

Sure enough, 1 by 1; we were all getting sick with the same cold. Luckily, everyone eventually got better over time, however, it just proves in my opinion, to cover your mouth, sanitize, disinfect, as well as, stay home if you are sick! It took me almost a whole month to feel better with the proper antibiotics. It felt horrible, to not be able to play with my son and kiss my fiancé. I had to rest for what seemed to be a week before I felt some relief from the pain. As for the cough, I had it for what pretty much lasted 4 entire weeks.

Since it is the winter season, be sure to stack up on some valuable disinfectants and good sanitizers to aid you from getting the common cold or anything much worse. If you want to the learn the proper way to protect yourself and your love ones from seriously getting sick, check out for helpful tips to prevent spreading germs.


Cough 2
Remember to cover your mouth

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  • # getittogether

    I can relate to this, I will get u together if u cough on or near me if u don’t cover ur damn mouth. Keep ur bacteria to yourself. I’ve had a respiratory infection before with spasms. Girl I will bleach and lysol ur space until whomever it together. Girl bye. They better get it together. #I’mmymommavoice!