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I’m a Homebody, So What?

I’m a homebody, get over it

Yes, I am a homebody and not ashamed of it. You will not catch me at a party every weekend, I refuse to go out and be a club hopper. No, I am not dating a bunch of people just for the sake of feeling important and if I call someone my boyfriend, it’s for a good reason. I will not be spending my time sleeping with random guys in hopes of a serious relationship, I’ll pass. I don’t see anything wrong with being single and abstinence is fine by me. I am homebody by choice and I have decided, the rest of the world will just have to deal.

Some days, I prefer sitting at home in my pajamas to going out on the town. Does that make me a bad person? No. I am an introvert and always will be. Throughout the years, I’ve had to come to terms with who I am. I have struggled dealing with peer pressure and trying to figure out why I think/behave differently than others. For so long, I was made to feel bad about the fact that I can be in the house for a couple of days and not miss the outside world. Now I realize, I prefer to be on my couch or in my bed, so sue me.

“Oooooh girl, you’re not coming to the club tonight?” Asks a friend who just doesn’t get it, my reply, “Nope.” She is perplexed and says, “Why not? You are such a party pooper. Don’t be so boring.” Truth is I’m not boring, I just don’t give a rats behind about a sleazy/smelly club and I won’t pretend to.

Similarly, I had a conversation with someone a bit older than me and they tried to make me feel bad about not living the same life they did, when they were my age. “You are too young for sitting in the house. When I was your age, I was going out every night and everybody knew my name; I was the life of the party.” Made me want to tell them, “Well, congratulations, but you are not my age and I don’t care about your tales from the crypt.” However, because I was raised to respect my elders, I wouldn’t actually respond with anything that could be interpreted as discourteous.

cat couch

The problem with society is everyone is made to feel like we have to meet certain expectation’s. We have to do certain things to be accepted, we have to go with the status quo and our behaviors/personalities must fit into a certain box; it is why so many feel uncomfortable being themselves. Well, I am here to tell you there is nothing wrong with being a homebody and don’t let anyone tell you any different. It is ok to be a homebody and it is ok to have a mind of your own; we don’t all want to be the center of attention.

When it is time to work, I would rather work from home. If I ever go back to college, it will mostly be online courses with a few on campus. When I feel like going somewhere, I do. Yet, if I just want to stay home, chill, write and watch a little TV; I will do that too. I am not who the world wants me to be, I am who I want me to be. Therefore, I am comfortable with the fact I would rather be at home and if someone doesn’t like it, tough luck. This my life, I live it to the fullest my way and being a homebody is quite alright with me.

How about you?