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In Living Color- Hated ‘Em (video)

In living color is one of the greatest sketch comedy shows of all time, made famous in part by their “hated it” or “hated ’em” act, which was the brainchild of Damon Wayans and David Alan Grier. Wayans and Grier played sexually suggestive men critiquing everything under the sun. “Hated it” was a catch phrase of the Men On… scenes, which produced skits like Men On Cooking, Men On film and in this episode, Men On Football.

The show’s recurring sketch became so popular that people would just walk around saying “hated it” or “hated ’em”, anytime they disliked something or just wanted to mimic the comedians.

Known for boundary pushing and raucous humor, In Living Color is still a relevant production two decades later. Many stars have burst onto Hollywood in a big way thanks to their work on the show, including Jamie Foxx, who we profiled earlier for his uncanny celebrity impressions.

May be after watching this you will get inspired to tell people how you feel in certain situations, but if don’t want to offend and say you “hated ’em”, you can just watch this video and let Wayans and Grier do it for you.

  • This particular piece was chosen because Super Bowl 50 was a couple weeks ago and this hilarious performance harkens back to a time where the Super Bowl was not taken so seriously. Hopefully, this post will help take your focus off the controversy and remind you of happier times.