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Iyanla Fix My Life: Growing Up Jackson Vlog

Growing Up Jackson

Iyanla has come to slay with some upsetting truths. The well-known life coach decides to take on a man from a famous family and his relationship issues. The episode entitled Growing Up Jackson chronicles the tumultuous courtship of Taryll Jackson (son of Tito Jackson) and the mother of his two children, Breana Cabral. Iyanla doesn’t let them get away with much, holding their feet to the fire at every turn.

Iyanla seems to think Breana is using Taryll for his famous last name and throughout the episode, it’s easy to see why. On the other-hand, Iyanla feels Taryll needs to man-up and put his foot down more and stop letting Breana walk all over him. Overall, their relationship is a bit of a head scratcher. However, you don’t have to watch the entire episode if you don’t want since we have summed it up for you already.

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