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Kevin Hart Spills Drink on Jay-Z

Kevin Hart’s Misstep With Jay-Z (Video)…

In this super funny video comedian Kevin Hart spoke about meeting President Obama and his awkward run-in with rapper Jay-z. It all begins with the jokester recalling his invite to the White House, where he would later meet the president and first lady. Hart believes he and President Obama became friends and now he refers to Barack Obama as “B-Boogie”, since the President refers to him as “Kev”.

The comedian then goes on to talk about his encounter with Jay-Z where he spilled pineapple juice on the rapper and offered him very little money to fix the damage. The story sounds crazy, but it is actually pretty funny and you should go ahead and get into this story about how the funny man knocked a drink on the rapper and lived to tell about it. Enjoy!

Is it just me or in the beginning did Jimmy Fallon seem stand-offish? Kevin H. is funny in the interview, but Fallon looks uncomfortable. Let me know how you felt in the comment section.