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Kim’s New Year Resolution

New Year and New Challenges…

Having a fresh start in a new year is definitely needed for most that have had it rough in 2015. I know for me, I set many goals that I did not achieve and did more complaining about never having the time to get to them. Since, this is a new year, I like many, want to make this year matter more to me than ever. I refuse to put these goals on hold another year and will use my research skills that I have gained to find the best techniques on achieving them. I will no longer make them unreachable, instead, I wish to create a web of plans that will all link together to my accomplish the main thing; my goals. After achieving my daily, weekly, and monthly plans, I will have already reached some milestone goals; which means I am that much closer to my dreams.

I became a mother in 2014 to a wonderful little boy. He is my heart and joy, however, I am learning the meaning of, “terrible two”. I intend on learning more patience while, finding ways to help me focus on creating a stronger bond with my son. Though he is finding his own way into the world, I plan to be the best mentor for him so, my first resolution is to work on some communication skills to help better prepare me for the upcoming jibber jabber!

One major obstacle that I want to conquer this year, is to repair my bad credit. In this day and age; credit is everything. Many people, including myself, are not living their dreams due to a credit score. It is frustrating to always have more interest to pay on a car or having to be denied for a home/apartment you are applying for because of a weak score. Since credit is in fact important these days, I will be conducting a wide range of researching ways to rebuild credit and live happily debt free.

Goals and plans

My next goal is to de-clutter my mind and home, so that I am able to focus better with a clearer mental state, as well as, household. I tend to hang on to unnecessary things both mentally and physically. Since, some of these things I hold on to really have no sentimental value, it only makes perfect sense to just let it go. I plan to stop hanging on to the unnecessary, and spend more time finding tactics that will help me have a fresh mind routinely, as well as, learning the best ways to organize my home to set a better example for my son.

Lastly, I would like to work on balancing my life out. Being a new mother, I have added more on my to- do- list than ever. I tend to get overwhelmed and frustrated when I have a million different things that I need to do. I find myself complaining a lot about the tasks because I really do not know how to tackle them all. I am challenging myself on ridding this bad habit so I am able to stop making excuses and start managing my routine tasks better.

All in all, I believe the setbacks we have in life makes us work harder towards our goals and dreams. I have encountered many in my past, however, I am truly done making excuses for my future. Whatever that is to come this year, I welcome the challenge with optimism, and will continue to do my very best at researching ways to better myself.


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