Halloween Cupcakes

Last Minute Halloween Cupcake Recipe

Super Easy Halloween Cupcake Recipe…

If you’re pressed for time this Halloween, this cupcake recipe is just what you need. It’s quick and really easy to do! All you need is to spare a few minutes to gather the listed ingredients below. Once everything collected, you’ve got yourself some delicious cupcakes! Did I forget to mention these are of course are Halloween themed?! From the inside all the way to the outside, these cupcakes scream nothing but spooky! It’s perfect for parents too if your child has to bring in goodies at their school as well.

Did you know that this particular holiday is one of the most expensive holidays celebrated? This of course is only next to Christmas, however, many people love to go all out for this day. Anywhere between décor, food, themed parks, haunted house tours, and costumes; people love to spend money on this beloved day. Most like to throw costume parties and have the gatherings inside with tons of food involved.

Depending on if this recipe will be for work, the kids, or an event; add it to your list! I promise you won’t be dissatisfied one bit! Instead, you might have to double the recipe because who doesn’t like cupcakes?! Whether you have your own cake batter mix recipe or will use the box method, either way people are going to be pleased.

Halloween Cupcakes

Just make sure the batter you choose is a white or yellow batter. The reason is because you will be using three different types of food coloring to give these cupcakes some Halloween colors. If you prefer chocolate mix, it might be rather hard for the colors to been seen as vibrantly. Nonetheless, remember it is going to be your last minute project so feel free to use whatever you might have already at home!


  • 1 box of your favorite cupcake mix (all listed ingredients needed on the back of the box)
  • Food coloring in the colors purple, green, and orange. (you can use any 3 colors you prefer)
  • Cupcake liners and cupcake pan
  • 3 separate bowls
  • Icing (be sure to get white colored icing you’ll be adding food coloring to the icing as well)
  • Halloween themed topping

For the instructions, check out the featured video below presented by the creator Cooking with Karma.