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Learning How to Forgive (Video)

How Do You Really Forgive Someone?

As humans, we often run into situations where someone has said or done something to hurt us, and we may not really know how to truly forgive them. Maybe, it is because we constantly remember what happened at that time and it still lingers in our minds if will occur again. By taking time to figure out exactly how you can move past the situation, you must take important steps to really forgive someone and move on.

ForgiveI found out that learning how to forgive patience yourself. These steps are something that I had to research and educate myself because I simply did not know how to forgive. I, like many have been lied to, betrayed, cheated on, used, and judged. Picking myself back up after being knocked down several times in life, really taught me that the longer I hold on to the issues I have with people, the longer it will be to get back up.

I’ve been a huge fan of Marie Farleo for several years. She gives really great advice and tips for those who are seeking a happy life in a business and personal world. When she the YouTube video and article on forgiveness, I wanted to share with you all that might have a hard time forgiving someone who has or had hurt you. Not forgiving someone can create trust issues which is important with the relationships that you have with others. Whether if this person is present in your life or no longer in your life, Marie says that the willingness to forgive is a powerful tool created within.

She has helped me and others understand how to forgive with her simple examples and practical steps. She is honest and real about these steps and they are easy to follow.

The two steps that she provided are:

Step One: Forgiving yourself

  • It will give you the inner peace that you need, while healing from a hard time. We are at fault just as the person who set out to hurt you, if we do not forgive ourselves.
  • After forgiving ourselves, we will grow spiritually, emotionally, physically, and mentally.

Step Two: Forgiving others

  • Having the willingness to forgive the person can change the outcome of the situation.
  • Once this person is forgiven by you, they no longer will have that mind power over you.

Please check out the quick video provided and the exact website to Marie’s page for further advice.