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Little Women Atlanta: Monie Gets Married

Wedding Bells and Farewells for Little Monie…

Monie and Morlin’s wedding is in full swing and all the little women are in attendance.  Little Monie’s big wedding has a lot going on, yet she manages it well. Luckily, the bride has great people around her to make sure her day remains special.

Unfortunately, there are a few issues with the cake, but Miss Tori can handle that. However, Miss Tori cannot handle the situation with Monie’s biological father. Monie was raised by her step-dad. Nevertheless, her biological dad is demanding a lot from her. Surprisingly, the man who walked away from his daughter years ago is behaving as if she owes him something. Truthfully, nobody owes this grown man anything. Monie quickly dismisses him, but he probably won’t go far.

At any rate, Monie’s surrounded by good people who want the best for her. Everyone does everything they can to keep her mind on the positive and off of things that could go awry. Honestly, Monie has all she needs to make her day as glorious as possible and I’m here to give you all the juicy details.  Speaking of Juicy, the maid of honor would love to see you dive in below…

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