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Mary J Blige Divorce Kendu Martin Issacs

Gossip Vlog: Mary J Blige is Going ‘Through the Thick of it’… 

Mary J Blige, has a problem in the form of a greedy ex. The queen of hip-hop soul is a legend whose personal life has become tabloid fodder. Her (allegedly) philandering husband is trying to take the diva for all she’s worth. Kendu ‘Martin’ Issacs requested that a judge award him $129,000 dollars per month in spousal support.

Instead, Issacs was given $30,000 per month as temporary support. He was also awarded retroactive support dating back to September 2016. Including attorney’s fees, he will walk away with a $235,000 lump sum payout, plus his monthly stipend. All in all, the ‘manager’ is making out like a bandit and Mary is left picking up the pieces.

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