One Pot Lasagna Recipe

How to: Make a One Pot Lasagna Dish

If you have a busy week ahead and do not feel like putting much effort into a meal, try making this one pot lasagna presented by PopSugar Food. I’ve made this dish a weeks ago and it was so good and easy to make. I love lasagna but I hate all the time and effort it takes to make it. By the time I’m done eating it, I’m way to tired to even think about cleaning up all that mess!

Well this attached video, will show you a lasagna recipe that only calls for you to use one pot! I do not personally know who created the very first one pot meal, but if in fact you are reading this article; thank you! One pot meals are so helpful to those who have busy lives and do not really have the time to clean up the dishes. I know for my family, trying to make lasagna during a week day night is unreal, but not anymore! This recipe was a real treat and I hope that you will try it as well! The exact ingredients and measurements will be provided in the attached video below. Enjoy!

Quick Tip

Whip up a quick spinach side salad and your meal will be complete!


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