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Overwhelmed Mom? Here Is Your Cure (Video)

Overwhelmed and Hanging On…

Being a mother is a blessing and a gratifying position that one can have, but it you can be overwhelmed at the same time. You are able to witness a child grow into an adult and encourage them to live out their dreams while all supporting them along the way just as your parent(s) or guardian(s) has done for you. Since, we lead by example, our reactions and emotions are important to keep under control. In this article, I want to share a video with you, on methods that can help you deal with your daily routine, so that you are able to feel less stressed. First, lets talk about what exactly is overwhelming you.

There are so many job titles that a mother has including being chef, nurse, mentor, therapist, handywoman, cheerleader, chauffeur, teacher, housekeeper and more. We are often pulled in thousands of directions that occurs daily. You have to change diapers, help with homework, create a meal that your kids will actually eat, wash and dry clothes for school the next day, and so on. You also have to run errands, go over your weekly/monthly budget, household chores as well as taking the dog out for a walk.

Your husband/partner is craving your attention, friends are seeking your advice, and if you are a working mom, you have to consider adding that to this list as well. So to sum everything up, you my friend, are a human octopus! You’re juggling everything at once, attending to others needs and feeling burnt out. You might even have the feeling of guilt and frustration because you once woke up smiling and now you have nothing but crankiness to end your day.

I am the mother of a two year old and my experience of being a mother is both rewarding and challenging. There have been many days, where I felt overwhelmed and my new daily routine was making me reach a break point. I was often frustrated with the amount of laundry, bottles, and cleaning that never seemed like it was going to end. Sleep was rare and I had to push back meeting with friends and family. I simply just had too much to do, while attending to my child’s needs. My relationship with my fiancé started to have some issues as well because I felt like I was doing more things around our home than he was. I honestly, didn’t feel like myself anymore.

What brought me to my actual breaking point was when my doctor told me about post-partum depression. He stated that postpartum depression can occur after having a child. Though I decided not to take medication for my depression right away, I instead, researched ways that can help me cure it. I also found ways to help lower me feeling overwhelmed as well as becoming a better parent and partner. More importantly, I discovered what exactly meditation is and how to practice it.

It is essential to know that there are strategies to help those who have to handle more on their plate than others. One being the most accurate by putting a daily/weekly list together to handle your important tasks and be more organized. Now you must realize, that urgent matters always comes first and there will be non expected occurrences that will interfere, but, it is up to you to know that progress is actually doing something verses complaining about what you couldn’t do. You have to find what will work best for you and in your life.

Having to balance life, family, and careers, is very challenging and there will be days where you might want to throw in the towel. However, just know that you are not alone and there are many ways to overcome feeling overwhelmed. Please check out the attached video that I provided in hopes that it will help you in your quest to cure being from overwhelmed ☺.