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People You Shouldn’t Drive With (Video)

Don’t Drive With People Like This!…

I think everyone at one point or another, has been in a car with someone who either could not drive or was a horrible passenger. I can remember being in the car with a friend of mine who had a severe road rage problem. One particular time, we were in bumper to bumper traffic and a person had to merge over at the last minute. She got so mad at the person for getting cutting her off that she was ranting and raving with the windows up as if the person could hear her! She also tried to follow the person real close and honked her horn like a drum set, as if they were going to get out of her way in pancake traffic.

By the time I got home, I had a severe headache and my ears were hurting real bad. After that episode, I never let her drive me anywhere! Instead, I always drive and I make sure that when we are going somewhere, it is at a time where it is less traffic!

This video below presented by LaToya Forever, will show you the different kinds of people that you should not drive with. I must admit, I never have been in a car with someone who likes to twerk and clean themselves; hope that I it doesn’t happen either! Enjoy this quick video and I hope you have a good laugh today!