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Perfect Manicure Done at Home (Video)

Manicure Done Right at Home…

I cannot begin to describe how many times I have struggled with doing my own manicure, where looks like my nails have been professionally. During my “mommy time“, I like to always pamper myself and I’d figured, why not add doing my own perfect manicure to the list. I usually do a skin care mask, take a nice bath, and paint my own toes; however I always skip my nails.

I found this video below to be quite helpful and I wanted to share these tips for others who would like to find the perfect way to paint their nails as well. Since I am right handed, whenever I paint my left hand, it comes out great, but when I do the same for my right hand; we will just say it looks like a toddler did it! My request has been fulfilled after watching this demonstration and I hope that will do the same for you!

In order to do this easy manicure, all you will need are a few things including:

  • 1/2 of a lemon
  • A bowl of warm water
  • Cotton balls and nail polish remover
  • Your favorite base coat, nail polish, and top coat.
  • Liquid latex (this is the key to remove in mistakes!)

Quick tip

After removing your previous nail polish, try adding your favorite lotion or oil to your hands (just like they do at the nail salon). Then wipe your nails clean so they can be free of any remainder lotion.

Good luck!