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PGA Tour Funny Animal Encounters

Animal Encounters on the Golf Course…

If you love golf, then I’m almost positive that you might have seen some funny things that can happen on the course. This clip below, will be one of those times where animals come into contact with the golfers because they enjoy this sport too!

Most people do not know that when I was younger, I use to play golf. My father really pushed me into the sport because he wanted me to be the female version of Tiger Woods. Since, he would place me in so many competitions, I started hating the sport however, when I got much older I started liking it again. I didn’t become a professional, but I still have some skills under my belt!

I do recall a few funny things that happened when we would be on the course. Once, my dad split his pants when he went down to get the ball out of the cup! The next incident happened when I was driving the golf cart, and the brakes decided to give out at the last min! I’m pretty sure that you know what was next! I jumped out of the cart just in time for it to land straight into the manmade pond. It literally looked like something from a movie scene! Good thing we didn’t get charged for it, because one of the club’s staff reportedly said that the cart already had brake issues before we used it.

The last incident was when I was trying to putt and a goose came out of no where chasing me down. I think it wanted my ball and refused for me to finish my game. I think my teammates and I laughed for days about that!

So for you golf lovers, this video is for you in hopes that if you have an animal encounter; you will know what to do! Enjoy!