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10 Crazy Pintrest Shoes

10 Crazy Shoes You Can Find On Pintrest…

Pintrest is synonymous with trends and they constantly have looks that peak the interest of fashionistas everywhere. Shoes, belts, purses, makeup and interior designs are all things you can find on their site.

However, just because you can find things other people may have liked or posted, doesn’t mean it is all good. Occasionally, a few tragic designs slide through the cracks and that’s why we were forced to look upon this list compiled by TheTalko with confusion and wonder.  Here are 10 crazy Pinterst shoes that have been added to the social media outlet, leaving followers shaking or scratching their heads.

You should note that even though they are not really functional, they are pretty astonishing considering someone actually sat down and thought these up.  Honestly, even if they were created just for magazine editorials, many of them would still be difficult to wear in a photo-shoot or walking down a runway.

Yet, I still get a kick out of checking out weird stuff that no one else pays attention to and if you’re anything like me, this will be right up your alley.

Watch this quick video and tell us what you think! Thanks in advance…