Power Season 4 Episode 2 things are going to get worse Review and Recap
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Power S4 E2- Things Are Going To Get Worse

Things Have Definitely Gotten Worse!

If you didn’t think things could get worse for Ghost, then think again. The businessman/drug kingpin could be facing the death penalty for a crime he didn’t commit. Federal Agent Sandoval setup James St. Patrick as the fall guy for a gruesome homicide on Agent Knox. In all actuality, Sandoval did the crime, but he is going to make sure Ghost is the fall guy.

Angela, Ghost’s ex-girlfriend, doesn’t believe he is being framed. Angela believes Ghost is guilty and she wants in on the case. Oddly enough, Ghost and Angela once had an affair. However, Ghost now believes Angela is framing him to get revenge for being dumped.

On the other hand, many officers of the court believe Tommy is the real Ghost. Honestly, they would love to see Tommy put away for a good long time. Tasha is working hard to make sure that never happens, but Kanan has other plans. Kanan is now befriending Tariq and that could mean trouble for the St. Patrick family. Drama is constantly unfolding and I’ve got all the details in the video below.

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