Power Season 4 Episode 1
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Power Season 4 Episode 1 ‘When I Get Out’

Power Season 4 is Ready…

Starz’s breakout show is back and filled with drama. Power season 4 has more twist and turns than anyone expected and it’s only episode one.

Ghost is locked-up and he didn’t even commit the crime. Nonetheless, Angela doesn’t believe him and Tasha is left picking up the pieces. Tariq was being held for ransom by Kanan and Jukebox, which was a major power play. However, Andre safely gets Tariq back home, yet Tommy has questions for Andre. Tommy knows that something is up, but he can’t put his finger on it.

Concurrently, Keisha is afraid for her life and doesn’t want to leave Tommy’s side.  Meanwhile, Tasha needs her best friend Keisha when her home is raided. Rayna, Ghost’s daughter is very upset with Angela for participating in the raid.

The drama continues, when Ghost is assaulted in jail by guards who believe he is a ‘cop killer’. The officer who planned the assault is played the late Charlie Murphy. Rest in peace, Charlie.

Overall, it was a very eventful episode and we have your recap and review with all the details!

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