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Quote of the Day- Pressure and Strength

Pressure Will Make You Strong…

Have you ever experienced a time that you were placed under so much pressure, you thought you were going to break in half? Many people, including myself have gone through this and I want to share with you that no matter if you are a man, woman, boy, or girl; you were built strong.

There were so many times when I had so much pressure underneath me, but one particular time, I thought I was going to snap! I had several projects at work that I was behind on, my personal life was in shambles, and basically; I was miserable. It felt like everything I did wasn’t good enough and everyone I came into contact with was giving me a hard time. This unneeded stress was literally hurting me all over. My mind felt it, and so did my body.

Enough was enough and I finally got my willpower back to just bounce back up. I took some invisible punches and it was now my turn to get my back in the fight. I got down to the source of my distractions that were making me unfocused at work and made notations for a better way to manage my time. This helped me to get my projects done by utilizing my new time management skills that I had researched. As far as my personal life, I became aware that I’m not on earth to please anyone. I will make mistakes that I must learn on my own time, as long as I don’t make them bad habits.

We as humans, will go through some pretty tough situations where we might be placed under pressure and we must remember that we can’t ever break. We just have to continue to move forward and whatever it is that we are going through; we have the power and strength within us! Knock out your feelings of weakness and hopelessness by replacing it with strength as well as wisdom. Have a great day!