Prodigy death Wendy Williams call Nicki Minaj a coward and Remy Ma Beef
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Prodigy’s Death & Is Nicki Minaj a Coward?

Prodigy’s death, Wendy Williams calls Nicki Minaj a coward, BET awards 2017, Nicki Minaj & Remy Ma Beef…

The passing of legendary rapper Prodigy of Mobb Deep hit the hip hop community hard–we’re all stunned. Prodigy was no coward. He possessed the strength to tour, make great music and always show love to his fans all while, battling sickle-cell anemia. Nevertheless, Prodigy was greatly respected by everyone in the industry and his life was not in vain. He inspired a great number of people and stayed true to himself all the way. Rest in peace Albert ‘Prodigy’ Johnson, you are already missed.

Wendy Williams called Nicki Minaj a coward for skipping the BET Awards. Wendy believes Nicki is afraid to come face-to-face with her arch nemesis Remy Ma. Meanwhile, the two women of hip hop have a long-standing feud with no end in sight. We recently published an article detailing the beef between the New York rappers. After all, their issues have been well documented thanks to diss records they wrote about one another–Remy Ma’s Shether and Nicki Minaj’s No Frauds.

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